Clinical services

In-patient15 beds
Respiratory ICU9 beds
Chest ClinicMondays and Thursdays
Lung Cancer ClinicTuesdays


Work load of the department in the past 3 years

OPD registrations - New (Chest + Lung Cancer Clinics)92721061712274
OPD registration - Old (Chest + Lung Cancer Clinics)171222171125832
Indoor admissions8789091097
Respiratory ICU admissions264344597
Flexible bronchoscopy procedures147615951950
Interventional pulmonology procedures (Thoracoscopy & rigid bronchoscopy)152124148
Convex probe endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) procedures207277346
Radial probe endobronchial ultrasound procedures (Radial EBUS)50
Pulmonary function tests (Spirometry + Special tests)96521071812892
Polysomnography (Sleep study)176149163


Educational activities

Post doctoral (DM) Course in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine11 candidates currently on roll
Rotational posting of MD Internal Medicine residents6-10 at any point of time
Short-term clinical attachments2-6 per year
Dr. S. K. Malik Memorial OrationOnce a year
Annual Update on Pulmonary and Critical Care MedicineOnce a year


Dr. S. K. Malik Memorial Oration

Dr. S. K. Malik was our founder, who established this Department in its current state. In his memory, we have instituted an Oration called Dr. S. K. Malik Memorial Oration, which is given to an eminent scientist once in two years.

S. No.YearSpeakerTopic
11992Dr. S. K. Tripathy, Director general, Indian Council of Medical Research, New DelhiHIV and Tuberculosis
21996Dr. Ian Greg, Former Director, Epidemiology in Clinical Practice, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UKBronchitis and asthma: thoughts on their nature, clinical investigations and management
31998Dr. J. S. Guleria, Former Dean and Head of the Department of Medicine, All India Institute of Medical sciences, New DelhiProblems of high altitude hypoxia
42000Dr. J. G. Ayres, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Warwick, Consultant Physician and Director Research, Heartlands hospital, Birmingham, UKFrom smog to nanotoxicity: air-pollution and health in the year 2000
52003Prof. Udaya B. Prakash, Scripps Professor of Medicine, Mayo Medical School and Mayo Postgraduate School of Medicine, Rochester, MN, USAClinical approach to hemoptysis
62005Prof. Nirmal K. Ganguly, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research, New DelhiRelevance of tuberculosis research in India
72007Dr. Ruby Pawankar, Professor of Rhinology and Allergy, Department of Otolaryngology, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, JapanThe versatile role of mast cells in allergic airway inflammation and remodelling
82011Dr. Daniel Banks, Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, University Hospital, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LA, USAAsbestos exposure in the US and India - two different paths
92013Dr. Robert Baughman, Profesor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, USASarcoidosis: Current perspectives
102016Dr. Suman Laal, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Microbiology, New York University School of Medicine, USADiagnosis of TB: progress, problems and potential